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Let us connect your company. With Ubiquiti Networks and our proven years of expertise we can provide a quality wireless network link between your offices in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost of traditional wired applications.
We earn your business every month with no contract obligations. Let us prove to you that we provide the best overall Internet Service.
We realize how important the Internet has become in today's technology driven workplace. Unlike other Internet Service Providers if you are experiencing a service related issue more than likely we are already in the process of getting it resolved. Other providers can take days to get your company back up and running.
We have been providing Wireless broadband Internet in Kern County since 1997. Over the years we have tried many different brands of wireless equipment.  In 2015 we started integrating the Ubiquiti wireless equipment into our broadband network.  Since our implementation of Ubiquiti equipment, we have not experienced a single piece of equipment failure. Today, our entire broadband network consists exclusively of Ubiquiti's superior wireless equipment.
We respect your property. Our trained installers will ensure a professional equipment installation. We realize that it is a privilege to place our equipment on your property. In most cases no roof penetration is needed. All installations are discusses with property owners or managers prior to the installation. Any deviation in the installation plan will be approved before the installation is completed. Check out our installation photo gallery for some examples. Kern Technology Solutions, Inc. carries a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy and are prepared to name your property as additional insured if necessary. Our employees are also insured by California's Workers Compensation insurance with a certificate available upon request.
Bringing affordable Broadband Internet to Kern County reaching areas others can't since 1997


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Our Wireless network is growing daily. We are currently covering more than 300 square miles with affordable, quality Broadband Internet to Kern County including Bakersfield, Oildale, Rosedale, Lamont, Pumpkin Center, Arvin, Grapevine and our most recent addition, Shafter. Our immediate planned expansions include Wasco and Delano. If you don't see your area listed and you are located in Kern County call our office or submit an online inquiry for the status of your area.
Using the Ubiquiti Networks Wireless equipment along with our robust fiber backbone we are able to deliver the much needed bandwidth for today's business commerce. We compare our Internet service side by side with other major Internet suppliers and far surpass them with our premium service. Our customers stay with us even with the influx of so called "bargain" price Internet. Business owners know how important the Internet has become and have trusted us to provide their services over the competition.
Site surveys are always free. Call our office today or submit an online inquiry and we can have you surfing the Internet tomorrow. Most installations are completed within 24 hours of service request.
We have dedicated an area for property owners and managers to explain our installation procedures and provide other pertinent information.
Our entire Broadband wireless network is equipped exclusively with Motorola Canopy products. With Motorola's state of the art equipment and Kern Technology's superior service and our robust fiber backbone trunk we guarantee your business the best overall Internet Service available.